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Is anyone else applying to Texas Tech's Second Degree BSN - Austin right now? I just took my TEAS V test yesterday, and I'm getting ready to send in all my transcripts this week. Its getting so... Read More

  1. by   Txhopeful
    Woohoo! I'm in too!!! Congrats Chelsmarie15! I knew they wouldn't make us wait much longer. I am so beyond excited. My prayers have been answered.
  2. by   chelsmarie15
    Congratulations Txhopeful! Once more people post on here, maybe we can try and get together- a little meet and greet, get the group started!
  3. by   GeckoGirl76
    I'm with ya'll....We are Raiders!!!!!! Can't wait to meet everyone in person.
  4. by   Txhopeful
    OK, flight and hotel is booked for orientation! I also met another girl on interview day that was accepted as well. She is not on this board though.
  5. by   GeckoGirl76
    I will be flying out of Austin on the Wednesday 7:10 southwest flight. Anyone else with me?
  6. by   Saria's Song
    Congrats to those that have made it!

    Unfortunately, I haven't received anything yet I may have messed up on my interview T_T
  7. by   Txhopeful
    I'm on that flight too.

    @Saria's @Song don't get discourage yet. They gave us until Nov. 7th to accept the offer and put a deposit down. Also one of the nursing students from the current cohort, that I met after the interview, said she didn't get the offer until about a week or so after they sent out the first round of acceptance offers.
  8. by   chelsmarie15
    what hotel are you guys staying at?
  9. by   tiff831
    Congrats to those who got accepted. I haven't heard anything yet, but still keeping my fingers and toes crossed. I think the interview went well, but I have no experience, so I am afraid that is what is going to get me a denial letter.

    Has anyone else gotten an email today?
  10. by   want2bBSN
    Has anybody received their acceptance e-mail yet for Austin? I am a nervous wreck...darn near came unglued on my internet provider today. Internet went down at 3:00 pm leaving me with no way to check e-mail or Merlin. Felt like my interview went well but the days of waiting are really getting to me. I'm like Pavlov's dog pressing the "check messages" button on the e-mail.
  11. by   kristenlago
    Hey guys! Congrats to you guys who have been accepted! I started the program last year and had to take a leave of absence. I will be joining you guys for the summer semester. Our group this year had a Facebook page and it was the best way to do group communication! It is a private group, we didn't allow anyone in the group who was not in our cohort so that we had a safe, private place to discuss things. I have set up a new page for next year's group, as I'm very excited to meet you all! Add me as a friend and shoot me a message letting me know who you are and I'll add you to the group! Again...CONRATS!
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  12. by   kristenlago
    I also wanted to say to those of you who were not accepted this year...don't give up! There are so many fantastic nursing programs around and there is always next year too! I didn't get in the first year I applied because I was in the process of finishing my last class and the competition was tough. PLEASE don't give up on your dream!