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Hi Everyone I know all the Texas Health Hospitals are in the process of hiring their new grads for February 2013 and I wanted to see if anyone got a job offer? I will be working for the Emergency Department at Texas Health... Read More

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    Congrats to you too!

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    Quote from SheilaORN
    I like THR, been here over 3 years. Started the versant residency at THR and I'm still here. My hospital-Arlington already hired some people for feb residency like two months ago. @LMG RN why will you want to live in Dallas and commute to HEB? Dallas traffic is horrible also it depends on the shift u will be working. I don't know if you are familiar with the areas but there are nice nearby neighborhoods you can consider. Good luck guys.

    Well Im from LA and San Francisco so Im use to pretty bad traffic but I dont know anyone in Texas and need a roommate so I figured it would be easiest to find someone in Dallas. I also dont really want to move by myself and live in the suburbs :/
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    Are you planning to visit before moving? If you need help driving around the area to look at places let me know. I'm taking a travel assignement in CA soon, but if you get here before then let me know.

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