Texas Health Resources Feb 2012 internships

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    I was wondering if any one else applied for the GN internships that THR had posted last week... I was just curious if anyone had heard anything???

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    I applied to about 6 of them. Im really hoping to hear back about the womens services/ l&d ones. Have you checked the status of your app? Mine changed to "sent to hiring manager for review" and I also got that personality test to fill out in my email. Im hoping its a good sign!
    Which ones did you apply to? Did you notice that they were only up for a week? I thought that was kind of weird.
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    Yea I applied to about 10 of them.... I had actually found out they were only going to be up for a week so I figured I should apply to as many as possible. I applied for the womens services also and mine says the same thing...

    I guess it is just a waiting game now....
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    I applied for all 26 just to increase my chances of getting one. and last night one of the 10 that was forwarded to hiring manager said "interview to be scheduled".

    Good luck to us all
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    Thats so exciting!!! Which position?

    Def. keep us updated! Good luck!
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    Did you attend the graduate nurse internship dinner 2wks ago?
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    I didn't. I am actually finishing school in Virginia... I'm assuming you did- how did it go?

    I just looked at the status of my apps- and the womens health position in HEB just changed to "interview to be scheduled".... now im nervous!
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    Yay!!! Congratulation

    it went well I did alot of networking!

    Good luck!
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    I bet, I wish I could have gone!

    let me know how the scheduling of your interview and your actual interview goes! I'm guessing they wont call until next week?!
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    They sent me an email asking when i would like the interview. So check your email frequently

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