Temple College in Temple,Tx and a job as Cna

  1. I'm beginning to formulate a plan to move back into the Temple area and need help with a couple of questions. 1) How hard is it to get into the VN program at Temple College. 2) How hard is it to transfer a CNA license to the state of TX. I will be getting my license in Arkansas. I'm a person who looks one year into the future and begins to set goals, but need help with information. I want to move to Temple to be closer to my family but making the plans on no money....extremelly difficult.Thanks for any information. Before my divorce I had just been accepted to a VN program in Savannah, but had no support structure to be able to live there(very expensive).
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    I do not have any information in regards to the CNA license however I can say this much about the VN program at temple, you can only apply between october through december. Once you apply you find out that following feb and start that june.

    I applied Oct. 2011, Acceptance letters go out this Feb. 2012 and it starts June 2012.

    As for the application process. There is no waiting list which sort of helps. You do have to take the HESI however it only covers Math, Reading, and General Knowledge/Vocab. Technically you need a combined score of 70 or above to apply. The higher the score the better of course.

    They have a scoring system on how they decide who gets into the program.

    You can get up to 6 points for your grade on the HESI.
    There are 2 courses, Intro to A&P and a Computer's in Health Care course, you can get 1 point for each as long as you pass those classes with a 70 or above. Total of 2 points.
    The last point is given if you live in the Temple area.

    A total of 9 points. The more points the better your chances of getting in are.

    I want to say they have about 60 plus openings for the VN program in Temple each year. But the time frame I stated earlier does not change, each fall you can apply and it starts each summer.

    I hope this helps, If you have any other questions feel free to let me know. Oh and if you do get accepted into the VN program, you have to pass a background check, get a checkup to show you are healthy both physically and mentally (has to be done within 6 months of the start of the VN program) and you also have to provide documentation of successful completion of a CPR or BLS course designed for health care providers. If you do not have one, Scott and White here in Temple has classes all the time for about 60 to 70 bucks for a BLS certificate.

    If you get through aalllllll of this, you can start the VN program And although LVN's around here are not really known to get that many critical care jobs, there is usually a good amount of home health, assisted living and prison jobs around the area.

    Good Luck!