Temple College ADN/LVN 2013

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    Hi everyone. I have already applied to the LVN and will applying to the ADN very soon and I'm trying to find out exactly what it's like in the program. What time do classes start each day and on what days and the same for clinicals, what are the hours and days? I went to the meeting at the college but I didn't get detailed information about hours. They said the days but I forgot to write the down. I just really want to prepare myself. Anyone in the program now or going to be and know anything about the hours?

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    Hi ! I have applied for the LVN and want to apply to the ADN program at TC. I am so nervous< do u know when the letters are supposed to be sent out? I thought they said by the second week. Im out of district so I think that point will hurt me. I went to the orientations and basically the hours for the classes once accepted are like 6:45 am to like 4 pm Mon-Thurs and off Fridays I think. The point system is very critical. The HESI exam counts a large portion for the LVN program, for the ADN its the major GPA average then HESI and then however many classes that have been previously taken. You must have English 1, Psychology 1301 and A&P 1 I believe to apply. Let me know if this helps
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    I think when I went to the meeting they said letter would be mailed out around the second week. I've been checking my mail box as soon as the mailman drives off waiting for my answer! I have all my prerecs out of the way and now I'm taking corecs to try and get them out of the way. Anyway I hope we get our letters soon and good luck to you!
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    I called yesterday and the letters were mailed out yesterday-Fri. I think we should all be getting them within this next week or so..good luck to you also! I've got my prereqs too and am also working on my coreqs. I'm plan on applying after Feb for RN program as well! Let me know how it goes!
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    I was curious if anyone has received their letter yet for the LVN program at Temple College?
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    I'm still really nervous, I haven't!! it's killing me!! They said mailed out Fri. It's almost a week later!
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    It's killing me too!!!! I feel like I'm stalking the mailman. Haha! I'm extremely nervous too. I called last week and they said we should get them by the end of this week. Everytime I check the mail and it's not there I get frustrated. Hopefully tomorrow.
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    Howd it go? I got ALTERNATE. I wonder how many people they actually call for "alternate" Any news from anybody else? Im still blessed, could of been completely rejected, but I guess I still have a chance
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    ha ha!!! I felt like I stalked the mail lady too! I even actually found out by what time she was getting to my house!! Let me know how you'll. Congrats to anyone else
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    Hi everyone, my letter came on the 13th, (Austin area). I was accepted but like everyone else I had insane anxiety waiting for the mail as well! Good luck to you all!

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