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Hello! I'm a post-bac and I just submitted my application for TCU's Traditional Program starting Fall 2013. Is anyone else applying too!? I've heard it's pretty tough for "transfers" to get a spot, since TCU students are admitted... Read More

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    A transfer from TCC with a 4.0 G.P.A and 81 in my HESI.

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    I am married and we have kids so I won't be living on campus. My plans are to continue at TCU until I eventually make it to CRNA school. What about you?
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    Waitlisted for me.
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    Has anyone else heard anything yet?
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    I heard it would be late June or early July before we hear.
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    What?! Why so long?
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    Well I reread my email and she said, 'We will not likely review the wait list until sometime in mid-late June and possibly again in July.' And they will call the ones who get in.
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    Anything yet?
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    I am in, I am in, I am in!!!! I just got a call this morning from TCU to let me know I was accepted! WOOO HOO the wait is over! Hope you all get a call today!
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