TCU Fall 2013 - page 3

Hello! I'm a post-bac and I just submitted my application for TCU's Traditional Program starting Fall 2013. Is anyone else applying too!? I've heard it's pretty tough for "transfers" to get a spot,... Read More

  1. by   lovekidsatcooks
    I got the acceptance packet to TCU too. I saw that paper but at the transfer meeting they said not until April 15th.
  2. by   sauceusteph
    Wait list is for me... Received the letter in the mail today dated April 1st.
  3. by   lharvick
    what? !?!!#!!
  4. by   sauceusteph
    It states my name will be placed on a waiting list
  5. by   lharvick
    I didn't think anyone would hear anything til next week. Do you mind me asking what your science gpa was and overall? Are you a transfer student or a current TCU student?
  6. by   sauceusteph
    I'm going to have to look up what my GPA was. I'm a transfer student. I honestly wasn't expecting a response since at transfer day both nursing advisors said letters will be mailed April 15th.
  7. by   lharvick
    That's what I thought.
  8. by   lovekidsatcooks
    I got my letter today as well. Wait list for me. Anyone know how long this wait will be?
  9. by   Nyanperona
    My letter came in yesterday! (ง •̀ ヮ•́)ง Has anyone else been accepted yet? If so, congratulations! Good luck to those of you on the waitlist, does anyone know if you can call to see what number you are on the list yet? I know I was 106 down on TWU's. (◡﹏◡✿)
  10. by   sanslim
    My acceptance letter came in today. For anyone on the wait list, I am sure people will decline the acceptance. The fee is very pricey. Congratulations to those who got their acceptance.
  11. by   lharvick
    What are your stats? Are you a transfer student or a current TCU student? I am still waiting to hear but hoping to talk with someone Monday to see if they could just tell me my status.
  12. by   Nyanperona
    I am transferring from TWU with a 3.81 GPA and an 89 on my HESI. Good luck!
  13. by   amrader
    Hi everyone. I received my acceptance letter from TCU the other day and would love to chat with anyone else who will be there this fall.