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Hello! I'm a post-bac and I just submitted my application for TCU's Traditional Program starting Fall 2013. Is anyone else applying too!? I've heard it's pretty tough for "transfers" to get a spot, since TCU students are admitted... Read More

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    Quote from sanslim
    Not too sure but I think by January all my stuff was turned in. May be you should call the school cos transfer day is on friday.
    I checked again and still in review. I got my last piece of info into them jan 30 so I will give them a few more days then I will call. I am planning on attending transfer day too. Trying to be patient. I heard there were a lot of applicants.

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    How was the transfer day? something came up and I couldn't make it. Did you guys get in touch with the scholarship department? The tuition is something else and don't know how I will cope with it.
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    Omg I checked my status just now and it sas a decision letter has been mailed???? I still have never gotten my decision from TCU so I have no idea what this means. Did any of you get "a decision letter has been mailed" for you general admission acceptance? This may not be a good thing. I will update when I actually get the letter.
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    Does anyone know why the time on here is so wacky I just sent the first post and it's 9am but it says 2pm???
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    My phone says you posted one comment at 8:10 and the other at 8:11am.
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    I got the big packet in the mail! One of the sheets said they wouldn't start mailing out letters until mid-March for the nursing program. Has anyone heard anything or been accepted into the program?
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    I got the acceptance packet to TCU too. I saw that paper but at the transfer meeting they said not until April 15th.
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    Wait list is for me... Received the letter in the mail today dated April 1st.
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    what? !?!!#!!
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    It states my name will be placed on a waiting list

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