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I have applied to the TCU accelerated program to start 5/15/13 - just looking for anyone else out there that has also applied, and/or for anyone currently in the AP program that can share information/advice with the applicants ~... Read More

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    I send an email to the department asking about the letters, hopefully I will hear something back by this coming Monday.
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    Will you let us know if you hear anything??
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    I got my acceptance letter on Friday - I have to decline - I have started the AP BSN program at UTA because my VA Benefits will not fuller cover TCU - made me sad - good luck y'all! Hope your letter comes too!
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    I received my acceptance letter today, I want to wish everyone else the very best and I want to see you all on the 15th!

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    I got in!! But i already accepted to somewhere else so hopefully I make someone's day! Congrats to everyone else
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    Congrats everyone! No letter for me...I guess I'm not getting in
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    Check your mail everyone!!
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    Quote from Sarahtcu
    Congrats everyone! No letter for me...I guess I'm not getting in
    Don't lose hope! I just called and F said they are sending out their last batch of acceptance letters tomorrow so they are not done yet (:
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    I got in too! Yay! I am so excited and grateful. Orientation is May 3rd, program starts May 13th . . . who else will be there? I know KennethJD will be.
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