TCC Spring 2013 Applicants

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    I have not seen a thread yet so I thought I would get one going for those applying for this Spring.
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    I will be applying in Fall for Spring 2013 start. Hoping for the best & good luck to everyone applying as well
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    Finishing up my last class next week and will be applying this Fall for the Spring 2013

    Good Luck to all
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    Yay!!! Excited to hear from others applying. I am finishing up micro this summer and applying this Fall. Can I ask what your science GPA is? I have a 3.5 and was told I am int he border of getting in.
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    I will be applying with a 3.75 and hoping to score well on the HESI exam
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    Hey Shixson, i am HOPING to apply with a 3.5 as well. I just finished AP1 & got an A. I start 2 on Mon. From what i was told by 1 of the nursing advisors is if you have a 3.5 & 88% or higher on HESI then you have a very good shot depending on the applicant pool. I saw a couple of ppl from the last thread that were on the alternate list with 3.5 GPA & they just got accepted. I'm being optimistic. Good luck!
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    Well that is better than what the advisors have been telling me so I am going with that then
    I know it really depends on the cohort you apply with but they seem very discouraging to me when I go talk to them
    Well good luck to all I am 2 weeks from finishing microbiology and ready to get my application in!!
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    Anyone know when we can register for the HESI exam at The Trinity Campus?
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    Chris you can register now. Its not posted on tcc website yet but i was up at trinity river a few wks ago & the advisor told me i could go ahead & register.
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    thanks, i just came back from registering for the HESI. The first two days were already filled up and i have mine on Sept. 10th!

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