TCC Spring 2013 Applicants - page 3

I have not seen a thread yet so I thought I would get one going for those applying for this Spring.... Read More

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    Applications are posted on the website everyone, I look forward to sharing this journey with y'all as we apply to nursing school!!

    And as always good luck to everyone applying!

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    My nerves are kicking in now. It's finally here! Good luck guys
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    Would one of you mind posting the link to the application, or let me know how to pull it up?
    I am still only able to get the 2012 app.
    I would greatly appreciate it
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    PJE22 if you go to tcc nursing website & select apply for nursing on left hand side it will open a pg & has application & packet on there
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    This is the application I'm getting, is it correct? It says Fall 2012 on the top.
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    Yea thats it. I think they just forgot to change the date
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    Ignore the dates on the first couple of pages, it's just telling you the requirements. The file name says Spring2013
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    Thank you!

    Do the application packet and application form need to be submitted at the same time?
    I noticed that the form is electronic, so should we just go ahead and send that off?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm new at this and a little confused :/

    Again, good luck to you all!
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    You can feel out the form electronically meaning you can type in the information rather then write in the spaces. Once you have the packet and form finished you can print them out and along with all the other requirements (immunizations, etc.) bring them to an advising office at Trinity River East campus to turn in.
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    Hi everyone! I am applying this fall with a 4.0 in my sciences (I had to retake a & p 1 because was over 5 years. Got a B first time.) I take the Hesi September 21....very nervous!!! Has anyone heard if it's hard? I read that the vocab section is the hardest. Anyways good luck to everyone applying. Oh, I talked with TCC the other day and they said the application should be up soon and just to keep checking.

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