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I have not seen a thread yet so I thought I would get one going for those applying for this Spring.... Read More

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    Quote from rjautomotive
    Do they factor in your math grade or just your science grades? This is my first time applying and my advisor was clueless when I turned in my application......just hope it made it to the nursing department!!
    Only science, no math

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    Quote from KLP151
    Only science, no math
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    Well the 5 o clock hour has passed....I wonder what time they close. I guess tommorow is another day.
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    I just hope they send out all emails at once rather then in waves like previous application periods.
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    who's ready for tmrw?!! meee!! Wonder if they will send them before 5pm . . . I am going to be a mess at work! Fingers crossed for 3.75 and 92.5!! Come ON NURSING SCHOOL! I am so excited. Either way tmrw, I am sure I will cry.
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    Ok all you guests... It's time to sign up and join the discussion! ONLY 9 MORE HOURS!
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    Good morning EO!!!! Today is the day...I Tossed and turned all night. I'm so ready to find out, therefore, I'll know what my next move will be....NERVOUS!!!
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    Quote from Nyknick
    Ok all you guests... It's time to sign up and join the discussion! ONLY 9 MORE HOURS!
    . I agree! Can't believe today's the day
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    WOOOHOOO! The first thing I did this morning was check my email and log in to this site, but it was on my cell phone so I didn't post. Can't, can't, can't wait! I'll be checking in to see if anybody gets an email before me, and vice versa, I'll let everyone know as soon as I get mine!

    It's going to be the longest day everrr...

    PS. this is the time that I start worrying...what if mine got lost in the mix! I turned mine in to a woman in the nursing building because people directed me there, and she checked all my stuff, signed off on it, and said she'd walk it over! What if it's still sitting on her desk!?
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    I think what is so distressing about this is you never know who they will pick. The guideline states no less than a 'C' in any pre-req, but are selecting people with no less than a 3.5 and above. I have a 3.25 (sciences) and 91 on the HESI with a 3.5 overall in Prereq for TCC and 3.75 if I go university. I know they want to pick folks that scored high in the sciences, but there are some who didn't score as high that would be just as good in the program.

    I am just frustrated. I had some of the craziest professors and do not want to repeat any of the classes because I am paying out of pocket for them...

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