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TCC Spring 2013 Applicants - page 4

I have not seen a thread yet so I thought I would get one going for those applying for this Spring.... Read More

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    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone will be able to ease my mind. Like I said, I have a 4.0 in my sciences, but that is due to me retaking 3 of them.
    I started school when I was 17 and withdrew from API. I retook it the next semester and received an A. I then was not happy with the grades that I received in Chem and APII, so I decided to retake those as well before applying (I know how competitive Tcc is) and received an A in those as well. I'm wondering if me retaking those classes will have a negative effect on my application. Maybe those who received an A the first time around will have an advantage over me? I read somewhere that it is taken into consideration when applying, although on the Tcc website it says the best of two attempts will be counted. Has anyone here retaken any of their sciences before applying? Or know someone who is already in the program who has? It's barely August, and I'm already stressing over the application process! Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
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    PJE22 i think you will be just fine. I know someone who got into the program & had retaken 2 of her sciences. I wouldnt stress over it ;-)
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    @PJE22 I wouldn't worry about it, as long as you have only retaken a course once you will be fine, especially with a 4.00! My only advice is to do your best on the HESI as the score counts for 50% of deciding whether you will be accepted or not. Here is a good website with lots of info and study tools for the HESI:
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    Thank you all, that definitely makes me feel better.
    @TxRanger_Chris, I ordered the study guide last month, and have been looking through it since then.
    Thank you for the link, I will look at it too! Every little bit helps, right?
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    Hello everyone!
    I've been stalking the other semesters forums and just found this one for spring 2013!
    I will be applying in september for spring with a 4.0 gpa and a 95.6% on my HESI.
    I will be applying to Northlake/El Centro for spring 2013 as well. Good Luck everyone!
    I'll be antsy all semester about acceptance letters and getting started!
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    Well it looks like I may be out of the running until next Fall
    I was not aware that the Math requirements had changed, and college level math is now a requirement.
    I was originally exempt from taking any math class, and I just found out that I have to either test out of math 0350 via the Accuplacer (which I never had to take) or take intermediate algebra and wait until next Fall to apply. I will be spending the next two weeks in the Math resource center for tutoring, and hopefully will be able to place out of college math. Can anyone give me any advice about the Math portion of the Accuplacer? Has anyone been exempt per their Accuplacer scores? What exactly is college math? I'm so bummed, I feel like I just waisted so much time! If I do not test out, I will have to wait an entire year, just to take one class! And knowing TCC, by next fall they will have 20 other requirements added to the program... agghh.
    Sorry for the venting, I just feel completely let down. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    I had to take intermediate algebra because I didn't pass it on the accuplacer. It basically covers FOIL method ( first, outer, inner, last) with problems like (2+1)(1+2), finding x in algebraic problems, linear stuff, etc. my friend bought an older edition of the intermediate math book and studied that way.
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    hello all! Im a little confused as i do my application. I know we have to start immunizations and all but do we need a physical as well? i have heard different things, such as we just turn in the immunization form, any ideas? :uhoh21:
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    Texas_gal from what i understand we do not need to get a physical unless we get accepted
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    thanks! im a nervous wreck thinking about the HESI coming up or what if i forget something when i turn in my application!

    hope the process is going well for everyone!
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    Has anyone done their Degree Audit on Web advisor yet? I was looking @ mine & noticed i dont see the math competency on there. I was wondering if anyone else's is like that? Makes me nervous bc i've read on past forums about ppl not getting in bc the selection committee overlooked that they had completed the math competency.
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    Quote from texas_gal
    thanks! im a nervous wreck thinking about the HESI coming up or what if i forget something when i turn in my application!

    hope the process is going well for everyone!
    I plan to make an appointment with an advisor to turn in my application; that way the advisor will know then and there if something is missing.
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    Quote from KLP151
    Texas_gal from what i understand we do not need to get a physical unless we get accepted
    This is correct. I just confirmed it with TCCD. For now, all you need are your immunizations to date. If accepted, they provide you with a form for the physical.