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TCC Spring 2013 Applicants - page 3

I have not seen a thread yet so I thought I would get one going for those applying for this Spring.... Read More

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    Ignore the dates on the first couple of pages, it's just telling you the requirements. The file name says Spring2013
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    Thank you!

    Do the application packet and application form need to be submitted at the same time?
    I noticed that the form is electronic, so should we just go ahead and send that off?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm new at this and a little confused :/

    Again, good luck to you all!
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    You can feel out the form electronically meaning you can type in the information rather then write in the spaces. Once you have the packet and form finished you can print them out and along with all the other requirements (immunizations, etc.) bring them to an advising office at Trinity River East campus to turn in.
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    Hi everyone! I am applying this fall with a 4.0 in my sciences (I had to retake a & p 1 because was over 5 years. Got a B first time.) I take the Hesi September 21....very nervous!!! Has anyone heard if it's hard? I read that the vocab section is the hardest. Anyways good luck to everyone applying. Oh, I talked with TCC the other day and they said the application should be up soon and just to keep checking.
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    Thank you!
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    I applied for this fall with a 3.25 science GPA and a 91 on my hesi. I retook 2 of my sciences and now I'm applying with 3.75 GPA and 91 or hopefully higher when I retake the hesi. I am already nervous about getting in this time! I heard last semester was really competitive. Good luck everyone!
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    @htaylor Good Luck to you!

    How was the Hesi?
    Is there anything in particular that you can suggest studying for?
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    You should definitely study for vocab and math. They let you use a calculator in the math that's on screen like the accuplacer but mixed numbers and fractions you can't really use the calculator for. Not all vocab words are medical terminology but some are. Also some conversions like ounces to cups and pounds to kilograms were on there last time I took it. It's good to have a game plan when you go in. It's a long test and you get tired on the last section. My lowest score was on reading because I did it last and wanted to go to sleep! Lol
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    Htaylor tnx for the hesi tips. I'm taking a prep
    Course @ UTA right now & hoping that helps. I'm really nervous about the math. I'm applying with a 3.5 :-/ so i need a really good score on hesi to have a chance. And i'm not even sure that will be good enough. Good luck on your test!
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    Htaylor thanks for the tips!!! Any other advice? I have bad test anxiety and am so worried about freezing up!
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    The test isn't that bad. The hesi study book from tcc bookstore helps a lot.
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    Htaylor i've heard mixed answers but when you took your hesi were you able to choose what subject to start with? And were any of the math fill in the blank instead of multiple choice?
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    Yes you can pick which section you want to start with and I don't think there was any fill in the blank questions on any section. I'm not positive but pretty sure.