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Welcome! I thought it was time to start a new thread for TCC fall 2013 applicants and future hopefuls. I've followed the past 2 threads for TCC and there are at least a handful of us finishing up pre-requisites this summer and... Read More

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    Quote from TiffanyRodriguez
    Hello everyone! I'm new to this thread and am applying to TWU and TCC for Fall 2013. I just took the HESI (made a 93) and turned in my application. I have a question, how do you calculate your nursing GPA? Is it just the 4 sciences? I made an A in A&P 1 and 2, an A in micro and an A in chem. Does anyone know if that makes me a competitive applicant?
    I also went in today and turned my stuff in. I have a 4.0 science GPA and a 93.5 HESI and she said I was very competitive; so you and I are in the same situation.

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    Everyone has such great scores!!
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    Does anyone know how many applied and how many they are accepting?
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    Quote from MissCOA
    Does anyone know how many applied and how many they are accepting?
    Last semester they selected 10 alternates with a total of 130 students being accepted into the nursing program! Around 400 applied to the program
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    Hello everyone !

    I turned in my application with 3.75/86.
    My HESI score is utterly frustrating..
    I don't think I am competitive enough compared to everyone else here.
    All I can do is wait..

    Good luck everyone !!!
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    May seems so far away. Lol
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    Hi there! I am in foundations now and wanted to reply to the GPA questions. I got in with a 3.5 and 97 on my HESI and was not an alternate. I think obviously, the higher you score on your HESI the better. Our cut off for first round selection was 92 and then some alternates got in with a 91 or 90. Enjoy your time now before you start because first semester is crazy crazy stressful and busy!

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    I turned in my application with a 3.5 and 94 and was told I should be okay and hopefully not an alternate. Good luck to everyone!! Can't wait till May!!
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    Hi everyone! I'm new here as well. I attend South campus right now. I submitted my application last week. I have a 3.75GPA and a 93.5 HESI. Fingers crossed until May!!

    Good luck to everyone, hopefully will see some of yall next semester!
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    How's everyone dealing with the wait? We're almost halfway through the waiting period! Hopefully they'll surprise us and we'll find out earlier than May
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