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    I attended the info session for the 2nd degree BSN at the Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMU HSC) Round Rock campus today. A few stats to share with the community, followed by one question at the end:
    • This program is "on-land", you attend class (usually Mon, Tue, Wed from 8 to about 4) and clinicals are usually Thu & Fri from around 7 to 2 but can sometimes be on the weekend. I ask for the total number of clinical hours but they didn't have that number.
    • The classes include video-conferencing at the campus but there's always an instructor in the classroom
    • It is 15 months long (Jan to May)
    • Their clinical space includes Scott & White Round Rock, Seton Williamson in Round Rock, St. David's Round Rock Medical Center, and a hospital in Georgetown.
    • Tuition is $18,000 - not including books, uniforms, etc.
    • You have to have a laptop, but you don't have to buy theirs.
    • I think they are accepting 20 students in Jan 2013 in Round Rock. They can get 200 - 250 apps. I can't remember how many students they are accepting in College Station
    • There is no time limit on your pre-reqs
    • You don't take the TEAS V, but you do take the HESI A2 to apply
    • You don't have to have your CNA
    • You don't have to take pathophysiology as a pre-req, it's part of the curriculum
    • Their app period is May 1 - Aug 1
    • Their NCLEX pass rate this year was 100%, last year was also 100% although on person had to do a retake to pass.
    • They really emphasized community involvement and previous healthcare experience/work/volunteer as important

    Sounds like a really good program, but after much searching on the site, I've only found a couple of comments - which sounded unfavorable - posted in 2010. My main concern is the comment that there wasn't enough clinical space for you to finish in 15 months.

    Is there anyone who is/was in the program in 2011/2012 who can comment on whether the 15 months is realistic?

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    Thanks for sharing! What do you mean by there are no time limits on your pre-reqs? I am applying at Texas Tech's 2nd Degree BSN program, but thought about applying at TAMU as a back up. I'd rather take the classes on line, but at this point I am just ready to get in and be done with nursing school. Thanks again for the info!
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    Hi aldrummond,

    Sorry my comment wasn't clear on the pre-reqs. What I meant was that your pre-reqs did not have to be completed within a certain number of years before your application. For example, there are some schools that require your physiology or other classes be completed within the last 5 or 6 (or other number) years - and they will require that you retake the class(es) regardless of the grade you made, to comply with the time requirement. The ABSN program at A&M does not have this restriction. However, I think the ACC ADN and maybe the UT program still have those types of restrictions on prereqs - but would need to confirm.

    Like you - I considered the Tech program - it is definitely shorter. I have a friend who completed the Tech program 2 years ago and she loved it. But I think I'd rather do the classroom version even if it takes longer so I'm leaning towards A&M.

    There's also an Alternate Entry Master's Nursing Program at U.T. Austin that is supposed to be great - I've met some students in that program and they loved it - they get their RN at the end of the 1st year and then continue their MSN studies for 2 more years. There's even an NP option as part of the program - but only an NP for mental health - you can't get a family or other type of NP in this program. Regardless - lots of options for us nurse wannabees :-)

    I think the ABSN A&M application period for the Jan 2013 start is open now - check their website, it's very informative. (I'm not applying until next year, for the 2014 class)

    Whichever program you choose - good luck to you! Let me know if you have any more questions - be happy to help.
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    Did you find the info session informative? I plan on applying this coming semester for the 2014 admission class and have thought of attending an info session. Did they talk about the profile of the students admitted?
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    Hi NewsomeATX,

    Sorry I am just now replying - I didn't see your response until today.

    Yes I did find the info session informative. I can't recall if they talked about the profile of the students admitted. Since I am now postponing to the 2014 class (either here or Texas Tech), I am considering attending another info session to learn if there are any changes. It only takes a couple of hours of time and is worth it considering how much time and money we will spend on nursing school :-)

    Good luck!
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    I am currently attending TAMHSC's 2nd degree program - if you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them!

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    You get your clinicals in, and the program is accelerated. It's a lot to keep up with, but you will graduate in 15 months
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    Hi Megan,

    I've applied to the program for Jan 2014 admission. I'd love to hear your impressions of the program. In particular I'm interested in what your study load is like. I'm not planning to work while in the program, but I do have 2 school-aged kiddos at home, and I'm trying to decide if the accelerated program would be a good fit for me. What is your school schedule like? How many hours outside of class do you spend studying? Thanks!
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    Hey there!

    Is anyone currently enrolled in the program? I applied for the second degree program that starts January 2015 and I'm terrified my GPA and scores aren't good enough. I currently have a 3.3 overall and I think a 3.5 science and I took my HESI and got a 94 but I've heard it's insane to get into. I graduated form TAMU this past spring and I think they said they give preference to those students but I don't think it will be enough. Thoughts?