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    I attended the info session for the 2nd degree BSN at the Texas A&M Health Science Center (TAMU HSC) Round Rock campus today. A few stats to share with the community, followed by one question at the end:
    • This program is "on-land", you attend class (usually Mon, Tue, Wed from 8 to about 4) and clinicals are usually Thu & Fri from around 7 to 2 but can sometimes be on the weekend. I ask for the total number of clinical hours but they didn't have that number.
    • The classes include video-conferencing at the campus but there's always an instructor in the classroom
    • It is 15 months long (Jan to May)
    • Their clinical space includes Scott & White Round Rock, Seton Williamson in Round Rock, St. David's Round Rock Medical Center, and a hospital in Georgetown.
    • Tuition is $18,000 - not including books, uniforms, etc.
    • You have to have a laptop, but you don't have to buy theirs.
    • I think they are accepting 20 students in Jan 2013 in Round Rock. They can get 200 - 250 apps. I can't remember how many students they are accepting in College Station
    • There is no time limit on your pre-reqs
    • You don't take the TEAS V, but you do take the HESI A2 to apply
    • You don't have to have your CNA
    • You don't have to take pathophysiology as a pre-req, it's part of the curriculum
    • Their app period is May 1 - Aug 1
    • Their NCLEX pass rate this year was 100%, last year was also 100% although on person had to do a retake to pass.
    • They really emphasized community involvement and previous healthcare experience/work/volunteer as important

    Sounds like a really good program, but after much searching on the site, I've only found a couple of comments - which sounded unfavorable - posted in 2010. My main concern is the comment that there wasn't enough clinical space for you to finish in 15 months.

    Is there anyone who is/was in the program in 2011/2012 who can comment on whether the 15 months is realistic?

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    Thanks for sharing! What do you mean by there are no time limits on your pre-reqs? I am applying at Texas Tech's 2nd Degree BSN program, but thought about applying at TAMU as a back up. I'd rather take the classes on line, but at this point I am just ready to get in and be done with nursing school. Thanks again for the info!
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    Hi aldrummond,

    Sorry my comment wasn't clear on the pre-reqs. What I meant was that your pre-reqs did not have to be completed within a certain number of years before your application. For example, there are some schools that require your physiology or other classes be completed within the last 5 or 6 (or other number) years - and they will require that you retake the class(es) regardless of the grade you made, to comply with the time requirement. The ABSN program at A&M does not have this restriction. However, I think the ACC ADN and maybe the UT program still have those types of restrictions on prereqs - but would need to confirm.

    Like you - I considered the Tech program - it is definitely shorter. I have a friend who completed the Tech program 2 years ago and she loved it. But I think I'd rather do the classroom version even if it takes longer so I'm leaning towards A&M.

    There's also an Alternate Entry Master's Nursing Program at U.T. Austin that is supposed to be great - I've met some students in that program and they loved it - they get their RN at the end of the 1st year and then continue their MSN studies for 2 more years. There's even an NP option as part of the program - but only an NP for mental health - you can't get a family or other type of NP in this program. Regardless - lots of options for us nurse wannabees :-)

    I think the ABSN A&M application period for the Jan 2013 start is open now - check their website, it's very informative. (I'm not applying until next year, for the 2014 class)

    Whichever program you choose - good luck to you! Let me know if you have any more questions - be happy to help.
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    Did you find the info session informative? I plan on applying this coming semester for the 2014 admission class and have thought of attending an info session. Did they talk about the profile of the students admitted?
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    Hi NewsomeATX,

    Sorry I am just now replying - I didn't see your response until today.

    Yes I did find the info session informative. I can't recall if they talked about the profile of the students admitted. Since I am now postponing to the 2014 class (either here or Texas Tech), I am considering attending another info session to learn if there are any changes. It only takes a couple of hours of time and is worth it considering how much time and money we will spend on nursing school :-)

    Good luck!