St. Philip's College San Antonio, Tx LVN Program Spring 2012

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    Helloooooo everyone! this is my second posting, I figured I should be more specific with my Title, maybe it'll attract others. I'm so excited for the program and I'm just looking for some insight, advice, what to expect etc. I'm also interested in talking with those who are already in the program, has applied for Spring 2012, or has already completed it. I'm very excited to start the program. I found out about the LVN program on the 21st and went in and got my application asap. I have all my documents in now and plan on turning in my app this Tuesday. I would really love to converse and learn as much as I can about what to expect and how to prepare. It took me a while, trying to figure out which program to go with. If I should go take the ADN at San Antonio College, or just go straight to my bsn at uthsc. But I've decided to do the lvn then go to my bsn once I'm done. I look forward to hearing from you all and goodluck to those applying for the spring! God bless

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    Hi, I'm looking for student who have either completed the program or are in it.
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    Quote from ladydeeb4213
    Hi, I'm looking for student who have either completed the program or are in it.
    Hello Ladydeeb4213, could I have your e-mail address. I am a graduate from St. Philip's College and familiar with the program.
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    No thank you. You can either pm me on here or just write it on this post. What year did you graduate?
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    Hi! i am currently enrolled in the nursing program at st philips. As a matter of fact i graduate this December! I am glad that you decided to make the step and are well on your way to beginning the program yourself! January is right around the corner I will be happy to talk to you and try my best to answer any of your questions if you'd like. Just let me know I am all ears! tty soon
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    Thank you! and congrats! When you applied did you have all your vaccinations? Also how did you like the program overall? Did you have any prerequisites completed when you applied? For clinicals did you have a choice of where you wanted to go or was there a place everyone went?
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    Sorry so late responding back im in my last few weeks so its hectic LOL But yes i had my pre reques done so it made my first level alot easier as far as not having to take those on top of my nursing courses. id suggest it if you havent done so. All of my vaccines were upto date as well i dont believe thats a biggie as long as you have them before your first day of clinicals which wont be until a month after you start the program. Clincial sites are anywhere. It depends on your instructor. You never know where you will end up at so be prepared to be all over san antonio possibly. It was okay the program is what you make out of it. You may have a few dissappointments along the way but all in all learn all you can and stay focused because it goes quick! I began in january and in 5 weeks ill be done so it was really fast for me! I wish you all the best of luck any other questions feel free to ask
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    thanks so much! I haven't taken any prereqs and wished I had. But your insight means a lot. In the summer, if you did the day track, were classes still 8-3? And was there a break between the semesters?
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    Futuremrsrhoades, as a student at SPC, do you know anything about whether the college will be re-instating the ADN program anytime soon? I read somewhere that they might open the program again in 2012.

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