St. David's GN Residency

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    Hey all, has anyone been able to find/access the application for St. David's? I know on the GN page it says the application will be available today, but when I click on the link to the application, it says "The job is no longer available."

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    I am having the same issue and have not been able to find where to apply!
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    So... they updated the website but I still can't find an actual application to apply? They listed all the jobs with job #s but I still cannot locate them in their job search site and the link they had up was taken down...
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    Ok I see they updated it now! That's a good sign. I did call the number on the GN Residency webpage and left a message inquiring about when we should be able to apply. I tried job searching "graduate nurse" and also several of the job numbers listed with no luck yet. I will post if I hear anything back.
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    Have y'all had any luck? I've been trying to find where to input the job codes but haven't found anything yet.
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    i haven't seen anything up yet either, weird!
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    Tried again this morning with no luck! No e-mail back yet either. We should be able to put the job number in the job search box to find them.
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    Maybe this should give you a good indication of St. David's organizational culture,and what it might be like to work for!

    I didn't go in as a new nurse and they didn't even have someone to just orient me to the unit. The hiring process takes forever, especially at their occupational health facility where I went to get my vaccinations. They used a [COLOR=#000000]QuantiFERON test in place of the PPD and this test needs a blood draw. At first I didn't mind because they had to draw blood for my titers anyway. From there, it got much worse. PM me if you want to hear my story.[/COLOR]
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    It's up now!
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    Awesome, Thanks!

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