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Hi everyone! I was just wondering were there any others who were applying for Spring 2013. I was in nursing school many moons ago (2003 el centro), and have decided to take care of unfinished business. I'm super excited about... Read More

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    Wow ! I wonder why it's so expensive ? The Hep B was $25 each. Im going to the Denton Co Health Dept this week for my Hep shot. I'll ask about the varicella & let you know.

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    I got mine at the Denton County health office for $20. In fact, ALL the shots were $20 there and I had all of them done at DCHO. They pretty much don't check to see if you're a resident of Denton County either. At least, they never asked me.
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    Wyrm - how much was the TB skin test ?
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    That's great. I guess I will be driving to Denton! Thanks guys.
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    Ugh!! I just Called Denton county and they are out of the Varicella vaccine. That sucks.
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    That sucks ! Did you ask about the other shots - their price seems to be the best in town.
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    I've been following this thread and finally decided to post. I had planned to apply this summer for the Spring 2013 class prior to their coming out with the new point system. When I learned they would be giving points for undergraduate courses and since I didn't have any, I felt it would be a waste for me to try. I even met with a student counselor at the school who told me it would be highly highly unlikely I would be able to get in with less than 21 points. Well, I've got eight points now which includes all the pre-reqs and if I ace the Hesi I will have 20. I have 3 attempts at the Hesi Entrance exam between now and the Spring 2013 Spring app deadline. I am motivated to throw the dice and apply. The worst that could happen is that I apply for fall 2013 which is what I was planning to do anyway. Vaccination paperwork pretty much all in .. just need the CPR course and there are several available before deadline and physical exam. Hesi 1st attempt is next Wednesday. Wish me luck!
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    Yankee77, all the other shots are 10.00 at Dallas county. You just have to tell them you are a student. The TB is 30.00.

    Boomertx, If I were you I would go ahead and apply. Since the requirements are new, maybe alot of people will skip applying this time. I have taken most of the extra classes, my first time in college, but I know a few people that haven't so Good luck!
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    Good Luck - Boomertx !!!

    Thanks Shasha & I hope your able to find a better deal on the varicella.
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    The TB test was around that same amount if I remember correctly, $20-$30. Also, there are multiple locations for DCHO. If the one in Denton says they are out of varicella, check the Lewisville location. Good luck!

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