Scores on Teas V UTMB

  1. 0 Hi everyone i wish i had this down a long time ago on how to use this. I was wondering who has applied to UTMB in glaveston and what kind of scores did you enter with
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    Hi! I'm applying for Spring 2012. I scored 74.9% on the TEAS V. Not too great, but not too low from what I understand...
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    hola! thanks for the info did u get all ur prereqs out the way
    i made a 70 i found the chemis. pretty hard
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    I'm applying for spring 2012 at UTMB and just went to the open house this past weekend. I took the TEAS recently and scored an 87.3 with minimal studying although I did use the ATI study guide which helped alot! At the open house we were told that between a 75-80 on the TEAS is a competitive score...
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    Thank you very much ......
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    I am applying for the Spring 2012 Bacc2 and I made a 87%... so I hope that is enough to get me in...

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