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San antonio nurse's!!!

  1. 0 So I will be starting at baptist medical center in a few weeks as a new grad in tele!!!! I am also relocating from phx, az! I am so excited!!! Anyone have any insights to area or hospital?!?!?
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    What do you want to know?
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    Have you ever worked for the company, things to do in San Antonio?
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    I am from Phoenix too and I just had a phone interview last week for the tele unit at Baptist. How exciting!!
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    Quote from sphanRN
    I am from Phoenix too and I just had a phone interview last week for the tele unit at Baptist. How exciting!!
    I am loving it so far! Still orientating to the unit, but so far everyone has been wonderful and nice. Congrats an good luck to you!!!
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    I am also from Phoenix but currently reside in Houston. I just recently visited San Antonio for the first time 2 weeks ago and I highly recommend you go to the Alamo, Riverwalk, & Tower of the America's. Their all located in the same area. Good luck to you!
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    hi dyanne23-RN, I am applying as RN in Baptist too and the interview was scheduled already. will you pls give me some insight about the company based on your experienced and also little about the compensation and benefits. I will really appreciate your feedback. Thank you...
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    I also would like any info. on the San Antonio area. RN pay with 5 years experience in L&D and Med-Surg. Schools, housing costs, etc. My family and I are considering the move.
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    So, I just got hired at Northeast Baptist and I forgot to ask one simple question.....What color scrubs do the RNs wear? I live out of state and I've never actually been to the hospital so I have no idea....I was just so excited about being offered the position that uniform color completely slipped my mind!
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    Galaxy blue scrubs for all Baptist RN's
    Congrats & welcome to Tx & to Baptist!
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    Does baptist hire new grad RN's? I just passed my NCLEX on Feb 14th and am starting to look for jobs. Baptist is the only one I saw that doesn't have a RN residency program (unless I'm wrong) and was wondering if they hire new grads. Thanks in advance.