San Antonio Galen College LVN-RN bridge

  1. 0 Hello! Any San Antonio Bridge hopefuls around? The program starts 10/03 and I was hoping we could get a group started!
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    I'm starting 10/03! I keep checking my account to see if I've been registered yet. Hopefully by next week my classes will show up.
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    I actually got an e-mail last week (09/11) that I got in!! Nothing else yet. I called and left a voice mail, and replied back to the e-mail. How long did it take for you to hear back from them after you accepted your seat? My advisor seems to be a flake.... Not too sure what to do next. Are you doing the online or classroom based course? I am doing the online/evening course. I am really excited!
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    Did you get your schedule yet? What's taking them sooo long!!! Lol.
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    No, I have not. I've been checking every day, couple of times a day. NOTHING! LOL
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    Grr! I received word today that they only accepted microbiology course. So I'm kinda bummed that I have to take 4 courses that I've already taken and achieved A's in. Did you get any info on orientation? You're doing the 18 month program as well right?

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