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San Antonio ER Nursing

  1. 0 I'm currently in nursing school, and am VERY interested in ER nursing. I was just wondering your opinions on the different EDs in the city - is one nicer, better to work at, more diverse patients, etc? Which hopsital/urgent care center would you recommend to *work* at... not to visit
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    Are you a BSN student? Keep in mind that the larger facilities/systems are only hiring BSN grads. Are you interested in trauma? Pedi? In any setting, tax-supported hospitals always have the most diverse patient populations & trauma is correlated to the trauma level of the facility. Level I (highest level) facilities in SA are Ft. Sam & University Hospital.
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    Yes, I'm graduating with my BSN next May, so this is probably thinking ahead a bit, haha. I'm definitely interested in pedi, and trauma second. I know UH has a great ED (and Magnet status), but I was just wondering of any others. North Central Baptist has a pedi-specific ED, I know for sure.