San Antonio College Fall 2013

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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has been accepted to the Fall program. If so, what was your composite score. Thank You

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    I applied but didn't hear anything today. I heard several ways to do the composite score honestly I don't know which way was correct :/
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    Thanks for answering... I hate this wait . Let me know if you get any news
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    I applied also but haven't heard anything! I'll let you guys know, we should be getting them this week sometime. Well at least it's through email & not snail mail. I was going crazy earlier this month & the end of May checking the mail everyday for like 3weeks, for the letter of my first choice school i applied too, I made myself crazy!!
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    Oh gosh yes I'm very happy its by email but since finals its been tough waiting these weeks Im was happy when i found this post!
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    Also they said they would start emailing Friday but the school is closed every Friday during the summer so I don't know if they played a role in notifications as well.
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    I can't wait :0
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    The nursing department posted on FB that they had a problem and should be sending e-mails this week!
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    OMG I've been waiting all week LOL but I thought they would have a issue since the new emailing system! Thank you so much for the update
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    My friend got her acceptance email today at 5. I haven't received mine. I'm not sure if they do it by last name alphabetically??

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