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  1. Hello all! I'm wanting to apply to the Nursing program in SAC, but I have a question, well more like several. I currently have all my pre-reqs done, but my GPA is not the best, cumulative 2.7, current 3.5. to be exact . I'm currently retaking A&P 1 to hopefully get a better grade in that class. Now the deadline to apply for fall is May 18th, and I will be done with A&P 1 by then. However, what if I don't do well on A&P 1 this time around? I was wondering do I have to submit this transcript when I finish in May to apply for the program? On the website it does not say to submit ALL that's why I'm curious. On my old transcript I made a C for A&P 1 and B for A&P II. I am hoping to make at least a B this time around. What would you do, just submit the application now with my old grades, or see if I can improve my grade now. Oh and also anyone have any reviews on SAC Nursing program?
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    Any thoughts?
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    I guess no one has anything to say. Well thanks for reading, as I saw I got 88 views.
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    Some colleges will allow you to submit a transcript just to get your information on file, and then add new/updated information to it as you go. When I was submitting my transcripts I was told to go ahead and submit my application and write "In progress" next to classes that I was going to be finishing later. Every college does things differently. Is there any way you could call and set up an appointment with an admission advisor? During my application process I met with an advisor several different times to make sure I was understanding everything and doing everything correctly.

    As far as possibly not doing well in A&P, you have to be really careful with major science classes like that because they have more weight. Also, many schools will note whether the class is being repeated or not and take that into consideration as well. But again, almost every school has their own way of doing things and I'm just speaking from my experience. I would try to get the absolute best grade possible in A&P and set up an appointment with an advisor from SAC and let them give you some info/advice. I don't know how helpful that was, but I hope everything works out!
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    Make sure that your sciences are As and Bs. I had a similar situation. But think me doing well in my science classes helped out a bunch.
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    Thank you so much for replying! So far I have a B in Anatomy which I hope I keep or make into an A . I did talk to the advisor, and she noted that I will turn in my final transcript, but the good thing is that it is still before the cut off date to turn in Nursing applications. Thank you once again for responding!