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Hi all! It's getting to be that time again. Where we eagerly wait for a reply from the nursing school. I read on the official SAC Nursing page on Facebook that we should be notified no later than October 1st of our status. ... Read More

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    Quote from nicole32
    Hi Noelle, congrats on getting through the first flex!
    I have a question is it possible to work full time with and attend this program? What is the class schedule like?

    I do have friends that are working full time but it is very hard for them.. as for the schedule I go at night so I am there M Tues 4-8 Tuesday night I have to go to the hospital and pick my patient and get all of their info (takes a couple of hours) then go home and make their careplan (also a couple of hours) then wed thursday I am at clinical from 4- 9. Now you won't have to go to the hospital on Tuesdays until you get into Commons but you should be studying a lot for foundations.. So if you have to work full time I know it is doable but if you can afford not to I would say try going part time! Hope that helps!!

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    Hi thanks for the response Noelle, yes unfortunantly I will have to work. I work Tues - Friday full time so it will be difficult. The student guide says we cannot mix day and night classes but it this a definite rule?
    This thread has been really quiet lately! Where is everyone? : )
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    I've been getting a lot of info from the Texas Nursing Students Association at SAC
    Join their facebook group-lots of valuable tips!
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    hey, who is starting flex ii with me? getting ready to move to san antonio in a few weeks and want to make some friends also, if i read correctly, we need to go to the campus on 1/5 to register for our classes and that we will be assigned classes at that time (had a moment of panic when i saw that classes are already full.) was also wondering, for flex ii how do we catch up on classes, or do we have to wait a semester to graduate???
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    Just making sure everyone got the email that Registration has changed!!!
    Instead of January 5th it is now December 12th from 8 to 12.

    I have my Course Numbers ready and waiting to register and get this show on the road!
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    I have picked out my classes for Flex 1, hopefully I will get the days I want. What happens if we try to register online?
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    I've tried! haha. There's a block on all of the first semester courses.
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    Can't wait for Dec 12! I have everything ready to turn in... just need to take my CPR class and waiting for my TB test results.

    We can pick which section we want for fundamentals? I didn't know that. I thought I read on the SAC Facebook page they do it for us the first time. Well, if we have a choice I'm going to check it out and choose the one I want... along with backups
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    Did everyone get registered? I am glad I wrote my course numbers down i was in and out in a few minutes.
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    All registered with exactly what I wanted!
    We were in and out fast!
    Anyone else taking morning classes Flex 1 and Saturday clinical?

    I don't think we can post professor's names here.

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