RN posistion requiring graduate from accredited school

  1. I have been researching Chamberlian College of Nursing and it caught my attention in a forum one day that the school is not "accredited." Well, the school is accredited by CCNE and approve by the Texas BON. I looked on both websites. It is not however accredited by the NLNAC.

    I have also been viewing job postings that say "graduate of an accredited school of nursing." My question is: What does this mean? Accredited by the state BON or CCNE or NLNAC or what? Different schools have so many accreditations now days.

    Does anyone have any insight on what accreditation Houston hospitals are looking for? How about any thoughts on Chamberlian CON? I know that they use some big med center hospitals for clinical sights. I figure if a hospital has a clinical partnership with a school they would hire graduates from there. Any opinions? Advice?

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