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  1. Hi, I am looking to relocate to the Ft. Worth area within the next 6 months. I have my Associates in nursing and starting back this fall for my BSN. I have 1 year of med-surg experience on a Neurology floor. My goal is to get into NICU. I worked in a NICU during nursing school and before that for 4 1/2 years as a patient tech/unit clerk. Wherever I was needed that day. I precepted in the NICU during my last semester of nursing school. That is my passion and unfortunately I wasn't able to get a job in the NICU where I was working due to a hiring freeze at the time. What's the RN market like for someone like me? I would also be happy working in any sort of pediatrics, mom/baby, labor/delivery, etc. Something that would still give me experience with babies as a start if that's what it took. I know that Cook Children's has been highly recommended but what other hospitals are worth looking at? What's the RN pay like there? Sorry for all the questions. Just want to see if this area looks promising. Thanks in advance!!
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    Hi, there. I've been living in Fort Worth for 8 years.

    The new grad pay rate at most hospital systems around here ranges between $22.50 and $25.00 per hour. With one year of experience, I imagine you'd be offered in the range of $24 to $27 per hour.

    The job market here is ultra-competitive if you want to work in the acute care hospitals. BSN is required for new grads and overwhelmingly preferred for experienced applicants. Each job posting on the local hospital websites generates 100+ applications submitted, and the demand is highest for specialties where infants and children are involved. Cooks Childrens' no longer hires nurses without a BSN unless you have extensive pediatric experience.

    The outlying suburban hospitals might be your best bet for breaking into the specialties you prefer (Weatherford Regional, Huguley Memorial, Lake Granbury Regional, Palo Pinto General) due to their isolated locations and difficulty attracting staff.

    The other hospital systems within the city of Fort Worth are Texas Health Resources (operates multiple hospitals), Baylor Health System (operates multiple hospitals), and the HCA facilities (operates Plaza Medical Center and North Hills Hospital).
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    I haven't logged in on allnurses in a while but when I read your post I just had to chime in. I'm a brand new RN and I graduated in May 2013 with my associates from Tarrant County College in Fort Worth. I just wanted to say that I was able to find a job and was hired at one of Fort Worth's Magnet Hospital, I graduated with a class of 120 and I know at least 30 something students that were able to get hired at acute care hospitals, some didn't have any previous healthcare experience. These are only the few that I personally know from my graduating class. I don't disagree that the market in Fort Worth and surrounding metro areas is saturated with new nurses and the competition is fierce but if you are diligent, and you do your homework and you go into an interview prepared to shine, you will get hired! Having a BSN is in important but I personally know and can tell you that one hospital in South Fort Worth hired 12 new grads and 9 of them are graduates from an Associate's program. Anyway, hope this posts gives you some hope and all others that are searching and will begin searching for new RN jobs in the near future.