Relocating to houston with 8mths of Med/Surg experience Relocating to houston with 8mths of Med/Surg experience | allnurses

Relocating to houston with 8mths of Med/Surg experience

  1. 0 Considering relocating to Houston with 8mths med/surg experience as RN and 3yrs of home health an Long term care experience, currently working on BSN. Not sure of what my chances are landing a hospital job in the houston area, any input is greatly appreciated.
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    If you will have your BSN by the time you relocate, it would be a plus. Unless an applicant has 'mad skills' and experience, most larger hospitals are only hiring BSNs these days. Make sure you also have your TX license. I would suggest a broad job search - even though The Medical Center is hyped as the ultimate job nirvana, it is a difficult place to negotiate for newcomers to Houston... most find the off-site (remote lot) parking very difficult to deal with.

    Be sure to land that job before you actually move - so you will be able to make a better decision about what area to live in. You really don't want to be faced with a horror of a commute. There's a wide variety of housing available in most areas so you shouldn't have any problems.

    Good luck on your job search
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    Thanks for your advice and helpful information Guide, i definitely will not be relocating without a specific job offer and a confirmed start date, im starting my job search today, hoping to land something in acute care setting or outpatient clinics...
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    How is your search and relocation going? We are doing the same thing here, just have not completely decided to make the plung yet.