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Hello all! I am relocating to Houston TX, but not until 2014 once my child graduates high school. However, I am getting things in order NOW to try to make this the least stressful transition I can. I am a RN, working in... Read More

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    Some of my former co-workers at med center used to drive from Kingwood, depending on what time you drive in, it can be as little as 20-30 minutes. I'm not kidding! It might be worth it to commute or to use a Park and Ride system, but it didn't seem like they didnt had to travel far to get down to the med center and they love it there. You just have to figure out what peak traffic times in Houston are and just go around that. In Houston rush hour usually runs from 6am -10 am and 3pm - 6:30pm which is great because all the hospitals in the med center are 12 hour shifts. Good luck with your decisions!

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    If your goal is to take a travel assignment, the Medical Center hospitals generally don't use travelers. I did some travel in Houston, and found that the suburban hospitals used travelers. Memorial Hermann has their own internal agency- Premier Staffing.

    Even though MO and TX are compact states, you will still need to hold your license in the state you reside. You have 30 days after you move to get your license switched over. Usually doesn't take that long.

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