Relocating to Austin!! Any tips to get hired?

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    Hello, I am relocating to the Austin, Tx area from central Illinois. I have about 8months of cardiac stepdown experience and a year of travel nursing experience. I traveled in MED/SURG and ER. I am relocating to texas for an ICU position. I tend to pick up on things really quickly. Any tips for getting hired at one of the facilities??? Thanks in advance??

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    Do you already have a Tx license? If not, I would encourage you to do so ASAP... competition for jobs in that area is fierce, so potential employers are not likely to want to talk to you if there are any impediments. If your primary motivation for moving is to live in Austin, you may have to broaden your range of 'acceptable' jobs & move into an ICU position when later on. Austin salaries are not the best in the state, but housing costs are higher than most places - just FYI.
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    Thanks a lot! And yes, I do have a Texas license now. Just got posted today. I am moving to Austin because I like Austin...but I will not relocate their if I do not have a position in the ICU

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