Questions for Nurse Practitioners in Texas

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    I am debating between going to Nurse Practitioner School versus Physicians Assistant. I've tried to read about the differences with emphasis on Texas because there are variations state to state but have not really found anything clearly defining the two. I would just like to know any personal experiences or opinions on the matter.

    A little background on myself
    1. Nurse for 4 years med/tele/cath lab
    2. Just finished BSN this past August
    3. I can apply to NP school now
    4. Will need 6 classes in order to apply for PA school
    Thank you and I look forward to responses.

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    You may have more luck on the NP forum.

    This is YOUR life and career, I hope your decision will be based on what is important to you rather than the opinions of strangers. Do you want to work in a specific clinical area? Do you want your practice to be fairly autonomous or work closely with a physician? Talk to some NPs and PAs to find out more about their differences.
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    Thanks HouTx. I will try in the NP specialty area of the forum. I would like to work with a doctor or be part of a practice. I currently work in the cath lab and am considering to pursue that in some sort of capacity as an NP/PA. I just wanted the opinions and anecdotal responses, and have been spending a lot of time researching about the financial, legal, and future implications of my decision. Thank you.

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