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Hello to all who is applying to PVAMU-CON! Has anyone received an acceptance letter from the university (not the CON)?... Read More

  1. by   patty04_17
    Oh i see. Im still taking speech an a computer class...."/Well we will see the outcome of things. As for ur gpa dont worry as long as u have the minimum requirements you are good to go.
  2. by   ELCO_GIRL
    Does anyone know how long does the Hesi score will be sent to CON? I took it yesterday. I just chat w/ someone from EVolve, and he said that the score will send out after 7-10 days after the taken date, which will pass the deadline. I am scare now. How do I have them email to Ms. Anderson? I will turn in my application in anytime today. I am so behind.
  3. by   ELCO_GIRL
    Thanks Naao and Jessicaway
  4. by   Bluedolls
    @ ELCO_GIRL. I took mines yesterday as well and paid for the transcript yesterday.. I asked the lady and she told me that it takes 3-5 business days to process the transation but she doesn't know how long it will take to get it to the school.. I checked my account and they took the money today meaning that my transaction has been processed.. I guess it will be shipped out 2day or sometime this week..
  5. by   Bluedolls
    @ [COLOR=#003366]patty04_17, you should call and inquiry on why you haven't gotten the purple app.. I guess probably because your HESI scores were incomplete due to the CT section you didn't take.. But bug them and i bet you will get some kinda response..
  6. by   patty04_17
    Bluedolls, who exactly should I call?
  7. by   Bluedolls
    Patty04_17, you should call and ask for ms. A as well as email her..
  8. by   atrain010
    Bluedolls, were you able to send your scores and get the purple app ? I'm finally taking my hesi tomorrow and I'm hoping I can still have time to finish the app process
  9. by   Bluedolls
    Hey atrain010.. I called the evolve folks to send my scores to PV because i took the exam for another school.. they processed my transaction yesterday.. So i'm gonna call them tomorrow to check on the status.. I think the transcript dept is here in houston because when i called i had to leave a msg and they called me back with a 713 #.. So i'm really hoping that they've sent it and it will get there before the deadline.
  10. by   atrain010

    Yeah I'm hoping mine get to the deadline as well ! hopefully they're electronic but who knows.I just sent mine out this morning right after i took it. I was going to go up the CON tomorrow to touch up on everything. Hopefully we all get in
  11. by   jessicawaytt2
    Hey guys, when I sent my hesi scores after having taken them for another school, ms. A and evolve both confirmed that they e-mail the scores to PV so after they charged me, they were sent right after. Hope this helps
  12. by   atrain010
    That gives me a huge relief ! Lol thank you for posting that !
  13. by   Bluedolls
    Yay.. I feel relieved.. But i'm kinda scared that my HESI scores might not pull me through to get an admission.. My A&P and Math scores were 76. I barely passed..