PVAMU Prospective Students (Spring 2013) - page 4

Hello to all who is applying to PVAMU-CON! Has anyone received an acceptance letter from the university (not the CON)?... Read More

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    Good luck on your HESI!

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    Hey.. How come it's just very few people are replying on this tread??? Does that mean that alot of folks did not apply for this upcoming semester??
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    Well that or maybe not many applicants are aware of AllNurses.
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    Lol I hope we have a good chance
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    I'm applying to PVAMU CON Spring 2013. All my necessary documents needed to apply will be turned in this week! *crossingfingers*

    Best of luck to Everyone else. I figured anyone here is a potential study group partner when school starts. lol

    --Mark Fucanan
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    So I recieved my evaluation from Ms. A. Everything is good to go expect for my Hesi which is sheduled for next week.. Uggh... ....
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    Good luck Bluedolls ! I'm taking mine next Wednesday
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    @atrain010.. good luck as well. I'm sure we will do fine..
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    good luck guys . I know you will do fine on the hesi.
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    Hey guys!!! I am also applying for the spring 2013...I am waiting on the purple letter....i'm not sure but i feel like I am pretty late on things because I took the HESI exam not to long ago...(i took the wrong one..i took the one without critical thinking ..) But mrs.A told me that it should be on its way...so I am crossing my fingers as well....I'm just curious to know what your GPA is and exam scores???
    Also, I have heard that its first come first serve....I hope not!

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