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Hello to all who is applying to PVAMU-CON! Has anyone received an acceptance letter from the university (not the CON)?... Read More

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    Yeah I am confused as to what the purple app is ? When I went to the con they just told me I had to print a copy of my app from the university from apply Texas and i handed that in with my transcripts and now just waiting on hesi scores . But I never heard of a purple app

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    After your HESI scores come in Ms. Anderson will email you your evaluation with your GPA, HESI scores, etc. This evaluate will state whether you meet all criteria and if you have anything left to turn in. If you meet all criteria she will mail a in-house application, which is different from the Apply Texas application, the color is purple. They only give you information bit by bit depending on where you are in the process -that drives me crazy.
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    Just to let y'all know the purple application is only sent out to students that have completed all of their prerequisites If you are in the process of competing classes you will not receive a purple application, I just spoke to mrs. Anderson about that! Which kinda sucks because she pretty much said they accept all the students that have completed everything first, then they see how much room is left over to admit any remaining students that are still in the process of completing any prerequisites! Im assuming a lot ofUs will get wait listed since we're still completing prerequisites
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    Don't get discourage. What classes are you taking? If it is not chem, A&P, or micro you still have a chance. It is highly unlikely that they will accept people taking those classes since they are the harder ones.
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    Oh awesomeI'm in a&p2 but the thing that makes me mad is I have a 4.0 in my science classes so they shouldBe able to predict I willMake a good grade! The other two classes I'm in is sociology and a computer class but I mean those are easy classes idk I hope IStillHave a chance
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    Can someone help me, please! I am so confuse with the process applying into CON. My application status online shows that "TRansfer Nursing admit" since beginning of last week, but I haven't received any letter from the school yet? Does this happen to anyone? Second question is do we apply to CON through APPLYTEXAS.org again under transfer undergrad of clinical study? I will take my Hesi next week, so should I wait after taking the test to apply, or should I apply to CON now? Thanks.
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    Since you already know you're admitted to the main campus, I would go ahead and prepare my information for the CON.

    I would personally take it the day after my HESI to make sure they receive it.

    As I said before, I would just get everything ready in a yellow envelope, so that after the HESI, you are good to go.

    You don't have to apply to the CON through the ApplyTexas.

    Just follow the instructions/checklist found on PVAMU's CON website.

    Good luck!
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    @ elco_girl

    I will say wait and take the hesi and know that you have passed all the sections with 75%, then print your application from apply Texas, along with a copy of your application fee receipt ie the $25 and the $60 .then request an official transcript from your school,and take all these documents to CON. You can also mail it if you don't stay around Houston.An advisor will then evaluate your application using your transcript and hesi scores. Note that you have only two chances to take the hesi.
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    Hi all
    I'm applying and I take my hesi soon but I'm a bit confused about the application process. Are we supposed to apply twice? Once to PV and once to CON? I thought after taking the hesi we complete the checklist (http://www.pvamu.edu/PDFFiles/Nursin...Acceptance.pdf) and mail or drop off everything required to college.
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    Hey.. I am also applying to the CON for spring 2013.. I'm so behind on my application. I just received the acceptance letter from the university and I sent in my CON packet last week wednesday. I will be taking the hesi exam next week. From the other treads, I learnt that the CON base their acceptance on first come basis. Oh well, i'm just gonna keep my fingers super crossed then.. I am also worried about the HESI exam.. Its being bothering me, although I have been studying

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