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Hello to all who is applying to PVAMU-CON! Has anyone received an acceptance letter from the university (not the CON)?... Read More

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    I'm very excited to meet all of you! And the only reason I'm worried for financial aid is because I read that you have to have funds to pay for classes to keep your spot the day of registration. Maybe I misread and am freaking out over nothing. Hopefully I misread.
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    Hey, idk where to go to register? im on pvamu.edu/orientation from there where do I go??? I see a number for CON and a paragraph about NSO
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    On the left hand side you'll see a thing that gives you the option to register for an orientation.

    It should say "register here for a session".
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    Woo hoo! I just received my confirmation. How exciting
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    Has anyone heard anything from financial aid? D:
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    Quote from futureHOUSTONnurse
    Has anyone heard anything from financial aid? D:
    I did.. I called them this morning and i spoke to someone.. Its so crazy.. Cuz I called, then he will start looking into my case.. That's just smh. Pretty much I have to remind them that I haven't been awarded any money..
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    Agreed! It's such a headache, I'm starting to seriously lose hope in them.
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    Quote from futureHOUSTONnurse
    Agreed! It's such a headache, I'm starting to seriously lose hope in them.
    I'm not surprised tho.. I did 2 years of my undergrad at a black university and believe me, everyone goes through hell to get their finanical aid money. But when i transferred to a white college it was a different ball game... Financial aid was a piece of cake..
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    That's a shame, the college of nursing should have a personal office on site. All I do is get transferred left and right when I call FinAid. Such a secretive place lol.
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    Does anyone know what the estimated tuition and fees are for the spring semester? I think additional fees apply for the CON and PV only told us the estimate for books ($700). They should not expect everyone to get financial aide. I'm already frustrated. Lol
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    Tell me about it...i emailed and asked and was told to look at the catalog for an estimate and to also look through the pvamu.edu website...i did and I guess-timated the first semester to come about 5k to 6k since CON had different rates. I HOPE that I over estimated and that I am very wrong because if financial aid doesn't help I will be stuck eating ramen for a while haha

    Btw when I did my calculations I added in books and did it for 16 hours
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    Have any registered for classes yet?? It seems like people are already registering and some classes are already filled up.. When I tried registering, it says i need a pin #.
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    I thought we weren't supposed to register until december 5 at orientation....dr. smith just sent an email about it.