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Hello to all who is applying to PVAMU-CON! Has anyone received an acceptance letter from the university (not the CON)?... Read More

  1. by   highflyer-j
    Hey guys I did some checking around about the Flu/H1N1 shot. From what I found out the current vaccination has 3 different parts of the flu. It has two different infuenza strands and one H1N1 strand. So I dont know if the H1N1 is not made seperate anymore or just the one I reciced has all three parts. So just check around with you doctor to make sure you covered for all three.
  2. by   jessicawaytt2
    I got mines today in less than two hours at across texas cpr. The girl who taught it to me was very nice and quick and she's like a 2:1 instructor ratio ... goodluck!
  3. by   patty04_17
    @jessicawaytt2 i saw on an older post u said u had other ppl appearig on your background check....well it happened to me...im not sure what to do?
  4. by   jessicawaytt2
    I just pushed the button that said "print" and printed it out to show that those other people were in no way related to me

    I really don't have another solution for it, I wasn't sure if I could redo the search again...?

    I honestly believe that since none of those people have neither my exact name or birthdate, it won't count against me..
  5. by   patty04_17
    Yes thats what i did as well. It just freaked me out bc i wasnt expecting thatBut thanks girl!
  6. by   tessthebest
    Highflyer I can send you the ladies number where I got mine done at, I just went to here house and it didn't take long at all and she's really flexible about getting people in to get certified ad she gives you the card that day! Anyways still no letter, I'm worried because I never filled out a purple app but miss a said I had everything completed I can't wait to get home and check my mail!!!!!! If it doesn't come in today I think I'm going to go crazy!
  7. by   naao
    @ highflyer-j and patty04_17 thanks for the info on the flu vaccine. I also research and found out the H1N1 vaccine is not separate no more. Is already combined with the regular Flu vaccine.
  8. by   Bluedolls
    I got my flu shot at the doctor's office today.. and my insurance covered it..
  9. by   Evadiva17
    I haven't heard anything yet so i'm guess i'm gonna get a rejection letter... Do y'all know what kind of GPA they will let you in with?
  10. by   peaches1018
    I haven't heard anything either. My GPA is a 3.7 and HESI was 93 overall and I have a BS already. Kinda bummed out now
  11. by   nurse.stg
    Your stats are high so I'm surprised you haven't got a letter yet. It's okay though everything happens according to God's timing not ours.
  12. by   peaches1018
    Yes I believe that too. If it doesn't happen this time around then it must be for a reason. We shall see. I wish good news for all of us
  13. by   Kthan
    Hey Peaches, maybe they have the wrong address?