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Hello to all who is applying to PVAMU-CON! Has anyone received an acceptance letter from the university (not the CON)?... Read More

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    I have not got my letter yet. Was I suppose to send a copy of the acceptance letter from the university to the CON? Because if so I didn't and my application was incomplete.
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    No, you didn't have to send a copy of the acceptance letter to the main school, but you were just supposed send a copy of fee statment that you paid for the main application.
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    Ok thanks, highflyer-j I sent the fee statement ($25 & $60) to the CON. Maybe I will get my letter Monday. My husband told me not to jump to conclusions due to the issues we have with the postal services. So I will just wait. BTW, congrats on your acceptance.
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    I don't see anything in my mailbox either :/ do they send out denials or waiting list in a letter at the same time? I'm bummed
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    I hope they still have some letters out there. I want this so bad
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    I live close to the med center and I read somewhere that the letters had been mailed on friday, so I think I got my packet a bit quicker, ... remember that first class mail takes up to three days to be delivered, so I wouldn't be bummed out just yet...i actually wasn't expecting to hear anything until Monday afternoon. Hope this helps a bit..
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    Yeah, I hope you're right Jessica :/
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    Guys, I just called Ms. A. She said some more of the acceptance letters will be mailed out today. Hopefully, we will receive them by this week. Stay calm.!
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    I have a question, on the background check, it shows people that have no association with my information (birthdates aren't smilar, last names are one letter different), I was wondering if maybe anyone has the same issue? (?!?)
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    Great news. Thanks for calling!
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    I was wondering for the mandatory dates on Dec.5 can we take someone with us or is it just the students???
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    No letter yet today, guess ill hope for tomorrow!
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    Yay I got in also )