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Anyone else applying to Prairie View for Spring 2014 semester? How far are you in the process? Just wanted to make a thread for us to support each other along the way. Good luck to all the applicants!... Read More

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    For the cost of the program is around $17,000.
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    Me too, PV is my last hope. If not, I need to start looking for another major. Hope we can get in, and meet each other.
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    Awesome! Thanks for the info Moneca!
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    Does anyone know if they accept recommendation letters after the app deadline?
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    Ms. A told me that the letters have to be at their office, on file by Oct. 1st deadline.
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    Hi everyone, i have taken the TSI test and passed all section. I got the purple app and mailed it back today. Now waiting and praying for the acceptance letter to come and wishing you all same.
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    I need some help, I took the HESI for UTH in June and thought that sending my scores through other schools was something we could do through the evolve website, so I've been delaying it until I sent in my application to the nursing school itself. But when I saw that we had to do request forms and that took 3-5 business days, it's going to be pass the due date and idk if they would still accept it after the due date even though i took the test before and I already sent it my application
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    I believe PV wants everything on file by the Oct 1st deadline. I was always told that when I emailed Ms.A. You might want to call to make sure.
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    Tomorrow is the day guys... Good luck to everyone
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    I hate the wait...
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