Prairie View A&M Nursing Applicants Spring 2013 - page 7

I was wondering if anyone is applying for Prairie View A&M Nursing program for Spring 2013. I have seen previous application cycles but none for Spring 2013. If you are applying or previously applied I would love to hear from you.... Read More

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    How many classes are you taking?

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    Well I don't know. I thought everyone gets it
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    I still haven't gotten one.. I have completed all the course work and the HESI exam. I honestly don't think the purple app will make or break the deal of getting into the CON.. Just relax and stop panicing yourself.. I understand everyone is on the edge and wanna know the decision right now...
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    You're absolutely right
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    Am not really sure who get the purple letter and who don't. I did get one but I don't know if I got one because I have an associate degree because I have also completed the course work. If I may ask, bluedolls do you have a degree? Like you said I don't think they use the purple app to make the decisions.
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    @ naao, Yes I have a degree already.. But I'm guessing the reason why i haven't received the purple app is because my application was turned in kinda late and i took my hesi just last week monday.. But the CON have all my documents before the deadline tho.. But i received my evaluation from Ms. A few days after i turned in my application..
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    Wow.. everyone is super slient.. Anyways one week down.. Three more to go.. As for me, anxiety is beginning to set in big time.. Waking up in the middle of the night thinking.. smh to this waiting period..
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    lol... me too bluedolls. I can't wait for them to start sending out these letters so we can get over with it.Also I don't know why you didn't get the purple letter. It might be because you sent in your app late like you said. Lets all wait patiently. Good luck to everyone.
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    Yeah I really hate waiting but nothing I can do but try to stay busy with other things

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