Prairie View Fall 2013 Applicants - page 7

Anybody else applying to PV? If so when should we receive letters in the mail? And how was your experience applying to the school?... Read More

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    The application for PV starts on July 1st.

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    I just graduated from PV in May. It really is a great program. It has it's drawbacks like any school, but it obviously prepared me b/c I just passed my NCLEX on the first try last week
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    Congratulations HouTxNurse832!!! Thank you Moneca!!! That means I'll be applying July 1st!!! We need to open another thread soon!
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    I attempted to apply today, however; the application period hasn't opened up yet. I'm going to call to see when it will be available.
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    I called today and they told me to give it a couple days. What other school are you applying? lalacb123
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    lalacb123 Are you going to apply TWU?
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    Yeah I tried again today and it didn't work. I noticed their application requirements are different this semester. Now we need 2 letters of recommendation and 8 hours of community service. I'm applying to HBU and PV for now.
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    Where did you get that information? Can you provide me the link of something?. Thank you
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    Thank you, I called today and they told me that. However, my community service is old and probably I have to do a recent one. I tried to apply today, but the application is not open yet. I called today and they told me that they have students that were saying that the application was open. It,s doing the same to you? I just want to make sure. Thank you

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