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Anybody else applying to PV? If so when should we receive letters in the mail? And how was your experience applying to the school?... Read More

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    Did you call PV? I need to find out when I can apply for Spring 2014. I decided to get a Phlebotomy license through HCC and I start June 8th. I plan on applying to PV very early!

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    Hey Lalacb123, I think the deadline is on November. I am going to check again. I am thinking twice about PV, my friend just graduated from there and she told me it was horrible for her. I am going to apply for TWU and for the program in my college as well. Also, I was thinking of getting my license in plebotomy too.
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    Do you know anybody in PV? I want to know if is a good school.
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    The application deadline for PV is Oct 1, and you may begin apply around May or June. The lady in the front desk was not sure about that. She told me to check on their web to see if the application is already open for the next semester.
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    Thank you for the great info! No, I don't know anyone currently in the program. I plan to apply to 3 schools next semester.
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    so i am currently a student at prairie view. i got accepted into the nursing program, and i truly hope its more professional than main campus. other than that its a cool school, im sure the con will be much better though!
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    What semester are you starting at the CON?
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    What schools are you going to apply? I already apply to TWU. I need to take the Teas and see what happen. However, I am going to apply to PV again, and see if this time I can get in.
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    Quote from Moneca
    What schools are you going to apply? I already apply to TWU. I need to take the Teas and see what happen. However, I am going to apply to PV again, and see if this time I can get in.
    I graduated from PV last December. I knew a lot of people who had legitimate complaints about PV and others who, it seemed, were just whining. It's not the greatest nursing school, but it's not the worst either. I've been to two different nursing programs, and PV was a blessing. Some of the teachers are ridiculous, but some of the issues won't be that much different if you go to another nursing school. Some of the things people complained about were the same things other students (like TWU) didn't like either. Last semester of nursing school, during clinical my preceptors were TWU grads and I worked with one TWU nursing student, also a senior. We all had bad clinical instructors who did weird..."stuff" or didn't know what they were doing.

    Yes, Prairie View is a lot of hard work, and no, it's nothing like main campus (so my PV classmates have told me -- I went to UH for my pre-reqs). They're ridiculous about that stupid drug cal exam (if you sucked in math, better work on that now, especially dimensional analysis), but I guess in my case it paid off since my first RN job tested me over all the drug cal we went over every semester. As I said before, some teachers, mostly clinical instructors, can be ridiculous, but if you can figure out how to talk to them properly, they'll leave you alone.

    Whichever nursing school you get into, good luck. At the end of the day, no one cares where you went to nursing school, just that you finished and passed Boards. Oh, and because you're in Houston, you will definitely get some of the best nursing education since the nursing schools compete with each other. PV, TWU, HCC, and UTHSC all boast a 90%+ on NCLEX pass rates. I think San Jac also has a high pass rate. Getting a job after nursing school is another issue all together, but things are changing, and the situation could be different by the time you graduate.
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    Hello rumwynnieRN,
    Thank you for you advise, why you did not like TWU? and yes I suck in math, but I am good in conversions. What do you recommend me to study for the drug cal test? I am so nervous about this nursing degree because I heard so many people saying many things about it, that I am not even know what to think. I am going to apply to TWU and PV because I want to have two options, but many people said that the teas is hard to pass. I know the program is hard because you are going to deal with people life's and that is really serious. I really want to do nursing because I do not see myself doing something else. However, I am afraid because I do not want get in the program and then realize that it is hard for me. Please tell me what to begin studying and maybe that will help me to begin a little bit strong in the nursing program.

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