PMHNP schools in/around Austin

  1. My husband told me that he may be transferred next summer to Texas and you cannot IMAGINE how happy I will be to return to Texas. We will live in Austin. The only problem is that I am planning to start Psych NP school about that time and I see that UT (my alma mater, BTW) doesn't offer the PMHNP degree. What do y'all do to get that around there? (Man, I can't wait to say "y'all" without getting smirks again!)
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  3. by   DelilaNP
    PMH NP programs are uncommon. A couple of thoughts even if they aren't what ya'll :wink2: want to hear:

    1) Consider attending a doctor of nursing practice program (DNP) with a concentration in PMH NP. By 2015 entry level NP practice will be doctoral. See this month's Advance for NPs--the Back Page. Prescription of psychoactive meds may also be restricted to doctorally prepared NPs soon.

    2) Texas is a member of the Southern Region Education Board and the Academic Common Market. This would allow you to attend a masters or doctoral program out of state for in state tuition rates as long as that program is not offered in your home state. For example, the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center offers an on-line DNP with a PMH-NP concentration. You would do your clinicals locally and your coursework on-line. Check out the Academic Common Market at

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   apocatastasis
    I'm in the Alternate Entry MSN program at UT-Austin... I know this thread's dead, but just FYI, UT is in the process of creating a PMHNP program. 2 of my classmates and I are the first members/guinea pigs in the track.

    There's no info on the website or anything because they haven't even created all the courses and whatnot yet, but keep your eyes peeled!
  5. by   luv2yoga
    Terrific! UT is actually my alma mater from my first degree. Would love to go back there. We should move in about a year, if things fall into place according to plan. Hopefully something will be available by then.