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Hi guys! I just wanted to start a thread for everyone applying for the January residency's at Parkland so we can keep each other updated on progress. I've been told that they take their time in... Read More

  1. by   tejas03
    I am praying for NICU or Newborn nursery...I have a friend in L&D there and would be open to that too!
  2. by   meraki86
    To those that are applying to Parkland's residencies for summer 2013 most of them are closed now they were only open for a couple of days
  3. by   tejas03
    Has anyone been contacted either by email or phone about their application for any of their residency positions? Just curious how long it might take for them to start calling people for interviews??
  4. by   mrspinkie
    Hi tejas. I just applied Wednesday. I've heard from other people that they will start interviewing within the next couple of weeks. I'm not real sure about it though. Should we start our own thread?
  5. by   mommybabynurse
    Hello all. I was able to apply to NICU on Friday. I think the thread title is still accurate for our topic. To all the other NICU applicants, what is your background? Here is a little on me. I will graduate in May with RN. I have a few years of LVN experience. I am currently seeking BSN. Becasue i am still in school and about to start my preceptor, I am a little worried about interviewing schedule being that I would have to travel. But fingers crossed everything will work out.....
  6. by   meraki86
    I wanted to apply to NICU but the positions were closed by then
    I applied for ER, SICU, and NNICU Administration.

    I'm going to be a GN come May!
  7. by   mrspinkie
    I applied for L&D and NICU. I'll be graduating in May with my BSN too! Does anyone know how many spots they will have open for L&D and NICU? I saw about 22 L&D resident positions posted last week.
  8. by   tejas03
    Hey! Sorry been a crazy few days...I'm graduating from UTA in May with my BSN and have been a LVN for the past 13 years. I have always wanted to work NICU and am praying that Parkland will call!! That is really why I went back to school so I could have this chance of a lifetime! I was wondering the same thing about how many nurse residents they will take? Anyone heard if they have even started calling people yet?
  9. by   kjakob
    From what I've heard only the nurse externs in the NICU have had interviews. I don't think the NICU or L&D has started calling external applicants for interviews yet! I know for sure that the NICU is taking a total of 5 people. From the L&D posts it looked like they were taking 20 or so, which is almost double what they would normally take. Someone should definitely start a new thread just for the new applicants!
  10. by   mrspinkie
    @kjakob Thanks for the info! Tejas just started a new thread for us!
  11. by   RNTin07
    Quote from beringer513
    Is anyone else here interested in the L&D internship? I interviewed on Monday and received my offer through email this morning. I'm seriously considering it, but its a big move from California! Would love to talk to others that are relocating!
    How was the interview? Any clinical questions I should focus on?
  12. by   haiti1716
    Hi everyone. I am a nurse with 2 years experience working in a SNF who will welcome a RN position in the hospital setting. Am I an eligible candidate for a nurse residency and fellowship at this point since I don't have the acute care experience. I see that Parkland has a lot of job openings for new graduates, should I try to apply? Also how often are these programs offered throughout the year? Somebody told me that one will start in September but I am unable to begin at this point since doctor put me on bed rest for pregnancy related complications. My due date is early November. Will there be any program offered in January 2014? I will appreciate anybody feedback
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  13. by   kerasha2001
    HopingICU any advises for the ER interview, I'm Flying to Texas next week. How many people conduct the interview? Please let me know. Thanks