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How hard is it for a new grad to get a job at parkland? especially the NICU or L&D? Would it be immpossible for an out-of-state new grad? Does anyone know about Centennials Versant program? How competitive is that?... Read More

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    Thanks for the reply. I would only be able to move knowing I have a ajob when i arrive! so frustrating sometimes =) I graduate the first friday in August, so who knows what will be left open by then

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    Lovelymo79 - yes I have talked to them since I moved to the area. They all urged me to apply for the next round of internships which begins in the summer. From what people have told me it seems that new grads can't get many positions other than GN internships. Baylor actually starts posting applications for their summer internships this month!
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    Yeah! I'm seeing the same thing..which is discouraging a bit. I really want to move to Texas!! Not even necessarily Dallas..but being a city girl, I can't be more than an hour away from a big city. Oh..I've been ON Baylor, talking to the recruiter since November! I check the site (as well as all the others) FAITHFULLY..EVERY day!
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    Anyone hoping to apply for Parkland's NNICU internship for this summer?! I am waiting for the internships to post...but would LOVE to work in their NNICU!!! ...looking for any suggestions at all on how to increase my chances of getting an interview!! Thanks!

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