Parkland Critical Care and Trauma Internship 2013 - page 2

I put my application in today. Does anyone have some insight into how many people apply and how many spots are available? I know it's very competitive :( ......what a dream opportunity though, it... Read More

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    I received a call back today, and my interview is scheduled for next week.

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    Quote from meraki86
    Lets keep each other posted on here if anyone here's back to interview!
    i was called to schedule an interview today
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    Congrats! How'd it go? I haven't gotten a call yet but hopefully I'll hear back soon..
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    Hey everyone!
    I am so glad I found this post! I, too applied and got a call for an interview scheduled for the first week in April. I had the same problem finding out about the application as I have called HR FIVE times since January and never got transfered to the correct department. Has anyone heard of anything about the interview process? Med Administration test? etc??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep me updated! Also, does anyone know when the residencies will be posted? THANKS and good luck to everyone!
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    i think my interview went dangerously well, knock on wood. 18 spots open. they interview about 40-50.
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    I'm just curious if anyone knows if they have started calling people for their nurse residents positions they posted at the beginning of the week yet? Just trying to get any info at all...really praying for a call soon!
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    not sure, i didn't apply for any of the residencies; the CC&T NIP is a different program. I do know that Parkland is a little late in starting the whole residency/NIP interview/selection process this year.
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    Thanks! I'm still praying NICU will call...
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    Has anyone received an email saying your application has met the min qualifications and it will be forwarded to the hiring manager yet?
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    I haven't When did you get that?!?

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