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  1. im currently on the process for nclex rn in texas. the cgfns email me that my papers were sent to BON TX.
    im not 100 percent dedicated to studying now. i wanna join a nclex review class but dont know any option which where to go. can any one give me any suggestions on any review center. im currently living in spring texas.ive been in america for 6 mos now. ive heard about kaplan but where would i go to join the class.aside from kaplan is there any else i can choose of?

    pls help.
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  3. by   LPN_2005/RN_10
    I tried searching online for review classes, but most of them, besides kaplan, is online. You can also contact a local nursing school. They will most likely have or know of any review classes you can attend. Good luck!
  4. by   tardytar
    im from philippines and nnow living in texas. im in doubt if i ever go for online class. i hardly answer some cds on the computer cause it lead me to o other stuff online. thanks for that link.. ill search on it.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    The Hurst Review offers live review classes that last 4 days: