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  1. Hello to all of my fellow nurses and student nurses.
    I have never posted a topic, so I am not sure if this is correct, but here goes.
    My husband and I just transferred to San Antonio from Beaumont. We were so excited to move here. It is refreshing to meet such friendly people and there is so much to do. To all of you who live and work or have lived or worked in San Antonio, I would just like to have your opinions about the local hospitals. I have been an RN since 2009 and an LPN since 2003. I have six years of med-surg, one year of MICU and one year of ER. I love the ER, so that is what I applied for to three local hospitals: Baptist Northeast, Christus Santa Rosa and Northeast Methodist. I have not heard anything from Baptist or Christus, but I interviewed and landed the job for Methodist. I do not like changing jobs, so I am looking for a long term commitment. I have heard many good things about Methodist, especially in the Houston area. I would be so appreciative to hear from someone that actually works for this hospital or even the other two. I look forward to your responses.
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  3. by   HouTx
    I agree that The Methodist Hospital in Houston is the 'best of the best' - it's a top 100 (national) and leads the quality parade in many clinical areas...... BUT - there is no relationship between that organization and Methodist in SA. They just share the name because of ties to the Methodist Church.

    Just wanted to clarify for you.

    Are you looking at jobs in the SA medical center area or facilities in other areas of the city?
  4. by   janmisgil
    HouTx, thank you for responding.
    I am glad that you clarified the Methodist connection, because I thought they were all connected. I live in Northeast SA, so I was looking for hospitals near here. I heard the traffic is terrible. I know all hospitals and departments have issues, but I just want to enjoy going to work and making a difference. I love being a nurse and I have found that I love the ER as well. I just wanted to hear both good and bad about these facilities.
  5. by   friendlyjane
    I am just a pre nursing student so take my comments with that info in mind. I grew up south of san antonio on a farm. I have been living about 2 miles from Northeast Methodist for about 11 years. So I have been in this area my whole life. In San Antonio, Northeast Methodist is not a "big" hospital. It is not small but not one of the biggies around here. I always go to the main methodist hospital for the ED department. Yes NE mothodist is closer but main methodist is bigger and has a children's ED. Good luck! It is hard for some to find a job so congrats on that!!!!
  6. by   Aimeej_rn
    Wondering if you started Methodist I have and offer there and at Cristus and I am trying to figure out which job to take. I have only been in SA since Jan and wish I new more of the hospitals around here.
  7. by   janmisgil
    I did take the Methodist job in the ER, but I resigned because I got an offer to teach at Galen College of Nursing, which is my ultimate goal. I love students and I am going to start working on my MSN this year. I also heard from Christus Santa Rosa right after I took the Methodist job and I actually interviewed for PRN. The ER there is really small, they see about 60 patients a day. On the other hand, Northeast Methodist ER is extremely busy. The biggest challenge there is the charting. Both hospitals have Meditech, but Methodist has a DOS system and the charting seems so redundant. I didn't find out until after I started, but they have been having trouble keeping a nurse manager. They have had 12 nurse managers in 6 years. The new manager was in orientation with me. Hopefully he can make a difference. I was only there for about 4 weeks, but long enough to get an eye and earful. You have to wear headsets at Methodist which I believe is good, because then the communication is better. However, it is difficult to get used to having "voices" in your ear while you are talking to a patient. I wish I could give you more information but that is really all I know. Good luck in your career whichever you choose. Let me know how it goes.