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So, for all of those new nurses in San Antonio who are pretty much at wit's end looking for job, I just had an interview and was hired at Southwest General Hospital for their new grad RN program. They still have 8-10 spots left... Read More

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    Sorry for the delay. I've been out of town. What I know is that I think it is for BSN RNs. I'm not 100% sure so apply and see what they say. Next it's not PRN, it's pool per diem. Meaning they they pay hourly, 36 hours guaranteed a week, with no benefits for the first 90 days of training. After that they will assign you a permanent position on a specific floor, and benefits will be added. Also there is a 18 month contract. Which is common for most if not all new grad programs.

    @Iammblessed From what I know, it's pool, so I don't know what floor I'll be on first.

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    Yay!!! I am so excited! I can't wait to start

    I am RN right now and will graduate with BSN in december and i was hired so try and see what they say.
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    hey guys, I was just wondering if it has started yet? I went online to look for it, and it is still up so I applied. Hopefully I will get the same results as you two and get a job! I graduated in May and got my boards in June, and STILL trying to find a job. Congrats to you two for your new job!
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    Hey there, I was wondering if your orientation has started and how is it? I applied for it and I have an interview next friday.
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    I will be interviewing with them for a new grad position. If someone who has started working at this facility (as a new grad or RN) can post about how it is going thus far that would be great. I'm interested in this hospital, but there isn't a lot of information about their new grad program on their website. Is it good or bad thus far?
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    I went through the new grad program and was happy to have a job but unhappy with some of the practices and how disorganized the orientation process was. Preceptor's are not trained to be preceptors.

    I left because once my orientation process was up, I was not "guaranteed" a full time schedule. Many times employees were put on call or sent home because of low census. Plus they do not tell you this, but once you are hired as a full time employee your pay rate drops from $25/hr to $21/hr and then benefits are taken out. They made it seem as if our pay would be around $21/hr after benefits are taken out. There are new grad programs in San Antonio starting at $21/hr that do not require you to sign a contract.

    I had no problem signing a contract because I was willing to pay the $1500 to get out early if I was unhappy, simply because I was desperate for a job.

    PS - This hospital does not have a good reputation at all. Your patient load as a new RN is 7 patients, even on the first day off orientation. They say they will try their best not too, but this is not cost effective for their bottom line.
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    hey xnrsxvx,
    I was wondering when you started the program? I had the same concerns as you, but I was told by the recruiter I was guaranteed a full time job once orientation was over, and I was also told after orientation you would be paid 22-23/hr. I am already very upset with them right now because they told me my start date would be on Nov. 14 and since I am from Houston, I had to relocate quickly and move to San Antonio, but then they called me earlier today saying that the start date has been change to Dec. 12, which is pretty upsetting because I was already set on starting soon and I also have a one year lease at the apartments in San Antonio.
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    Thank you snrsxvx, I actually ended up accepting a position with them, but ended up with a full time position instead of being in the new grad float pool (which is hopefully better). I hope things turn out okay but I'll be observant.

    mwirawanRN: I think me and you are in the same boat... they told me the same thing, but I ended up starting on the Nov 14 after getting some issues clarified. Perhaps we will work on the same floor?
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    Hey kitsha88, they did the.same thing to me and offered me a full time job I am now on nightshift bariatrics , what floor are you on??
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    Hi KiaP38 RN

    I applied to the Southwest General Hospital RN Residency Program for 2012 about a week ago. I am just curious- when did you apply last year and when did they contact you for the interview? I am from Seattle and am relocating to San Antonio area. I left a message for the nurse recruiter to learn a little more about the specifics of the program but haven't heard back yet. Thanks!

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