New Grad Pay in Texas?

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    I'm a new grad in Texas. I was just wondering what was a normal base pay as a new grad (with your specialty)?


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    New grad pay is highly dependent upon the city. . .

    Dallas/Fort Worth - $22 to $25 hourly at major acute care hospitals
    San Antonio - $19 to $23 hourly at major acute care hospitals
    Austin - $19 to $23 hourly at major acute care hospitals
    Houston - $23 to $27 hourly at major acute care hospitals
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    Thanks a lot! Just wanted to make sure of the new grad starting pay to prevent from getting jipped. However, being a new grad, I sort of don't have a choice...I have to take what I can get.

    Thanks again!
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    Are these new grad rates with or without shift differentials?
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    Quote from RNin
    Are these new grad rates with or without shift differentials?
    These are base rates with no shift differentials.
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    Just chiming in wife is a new grad in a small city in Western TX. She is getting $21/hour plus evening shift diff starting at 3pm and weekend shift diff beginning fridays at 3pm.
    She actually got a decent sign on bonus as well. $4k (we were shocked at any kind of sign on bonus)

    She was a May BSN graduate and got her position where she did her senior practicum.
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    My wife is an experienced respiratory therapist, and we just moved to San Antonio. Pay here is quite a bit lower than what we are used to (coming from Virginia). She starts at about $24 an hour, plus the night differential which is only about $2.50. I am not sure what a new grad would start at but I would guess about $22 from what she told me. It is cheaper to live in Tx, however.
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    The Commuter's ranges seem pretty accurate from what i remember during the job hunting process. I'm a new grad working in San Antonio (but I did interview for jobs in Houston - my hometown). At my hospital in SA i'm making $21/hr plus a $4.55 night shift differential and additional differential for weekends. Houston's rates were significantly higher.
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    I have been a nurse 2 years. I started with 24.75 (0.75 for BSN LOL). I stayed there 1 year and decided to move to local traveling and bumped up to $36 per hour not including shift diff!! Typical shift diff in Dallas is $3-4 starting at 3pm and $5-6 on weekends! You make the most as a new nurse working Friday, Saturday, Sunday because you get about $10 more per hour.
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    I am a med/surg RN-BSN

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